Winter Wonderland


It seems everyone has moved on to Valentine's Day cards but I've decided to keep making Christmas cards. I like to make Christmas cards all through the year. Anyways I think this card turned out pretty good, even though you can't tell by the picture. I hope the new year brings better pictures. It seems like I have tried everything and I still can't get one good shot. For some reason the pictures always look better on my computer, then when I upload them for my post they look like crap. Anyways I still think the card turned out good.
Supplies: Paper-Die Cuts With A View Christmas mat stack / Card Stock- Blue & White / Snowflake Pattern- Design copyright "" / Beads- Light White / "Winter Wonderland"-Die Cuts With A View vellum Christmas " Quote Stack"

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Brandi Parshley said...

Very cute! I love the beads, what a neat idea!